Crazy Time Strategies

All online casino games take have mathematical reasoning. That is why we suggest you the most popular strategies used by other players in the Crazy time live game to get emotions and win real money. You can enjoy live casino regardless of your bankroll. All you need to do is to choose the strategy that suits your deposit, so as to get the best results and to enjoy the game.

Top 3 strategies Crazy time:

  • Tactics: Balance
  • Tactic: Drive a little quieter, you will get a lot farther.
  • Tactics: No one will be judged

Tactic: Drive a little quieter, you will get a lot farther.

The first tactic in online slot Crazy Time. This strategy is for people with a small deposit, who want to systematically increase it. The essence is to close sectors 1 – 2 – 5. In total, these sectors have a total chance of falling out in 75%. Below will be given a table with the probabilities of falling out.

On number 137,01 %
On number 225,91 %
On number 513,00 %
On number 107,40 %
Bonus Coin Flip7,40 %
Bonus Cash Hunt3,70 %
Bonus Pachinko3,70 %
Bonus Crazy Time1,85 %

Accordingly, in 3 games out of 4 according to the statistics, at least you will get a return of your bet. But then the multiplier comes to our aid. Before each round, the presenter shows the scoreboard, which randomly determines the sector and the multiplier for it. For example, you bet 1000$ on sector 2. And initially you have a multiplier of 2x. If we get a multiplier of x7 on our sector, the total multiplier rises to x14. Accordingly, with 1000$ winnings will be 14.000$.

Tactics Crazy time slot: Balance

The second tactic Crazy time in online casinos. This tactic is in demand among players with an average balance. The essence is to simultaneously close all sectors. The idea of the Crazy time tactic is that in each game you will win and partially return your bet. But the main hunt will be for bonus games. In case of their occurrence, the multiplier of your winnings can equal even to x25000.

Below you will find a table with the payout ratio for each sector.

On number 1х1
On number 2х2
On number 5х5
On number 10х10
Bonus Coin Flipх5000
Bonus Cash Huntх10000
Bonus Pachinkoх10000
Bonus Crazy Timeх20000

Tactics Crazytime live: Winners are not judged

The third tactic is how to win in Crazy time. This tactic is for those who believe that luck is on his side today and he can catch the bonus game in Crazy time online. Distribute the bank large bets and only on the bonus game. Bonus games bring a significant sum, but the probability of their falling out is relatively less. For example, in the bonus game Pachinko at a rate of 100, you can win 1,000,000.

Conclusion: Each strategy is good in its own way and allows you to increase the bank and get unforgettable emotions from the game in Crazy Time Live. Luck loves the brave, especially at Crazy time casino.

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