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Interest in gambling has not waned for many years. The field of gambling is constantly updated with new products that have interesting designs, quality and high payouts. In particular demand is a cool show crazy time , which offers to earn money in real time without any strategies. Similar shows used to be broadcast on television, but now allow a large number of players to participate in lucrative draws in an online format.

Crazy Time

Slot crazytime – this is a real wheel of luck for fans of gambling.

The essence of the game is that the participant gets into a special studio, in which the main attribute of the game is a wheel divided into sectors. At the wheel always stands smiling presenter. The main goal of the Crazy Time game is to win a bonus or get to the sector with a high multiplier.

Crazy Time: Game Overview

The popularity of the game Crazy Time is justified by the fact that the player does not need to think through any winning strategies and algorithms. All actions are conducted in real time, and this excludes any manipulation and falsification of results. The main attributes of the game are:

A wheel with coloured sectors and different numbers on them;

  • Player’s stake;
  • Presenter, controlling the gameplay;
  • Bonuses.

The wheel offers a total of 54 sectors with numbers and bonus rounds. The sections are distributed unevenly, which makes the result of game actions unpredictable. The wheel is started by the master and after stopping it displays the winning sector. If the participant bet on it, he gets the payout according to the winning coefficient and his own bet.

There are such sections on the wheel:

  • The number 1 is located on 21 sectors, the payout coefficient is equal to x1.
  • The number 2 is located on 13 sectors with the coefficient of x2.
  • The number 5 is on 7 sectors, it increases the bet by x5.
  • The number 10 is located on 4 sectors, the coefficient is equal to x10.
  • Coin Flip Bonus game is on 4 sectors with maximum winning of x5000.
  • Cash Hunt Bonus is on 2 sectors with the highest payout of x10000.
  • Pachinko Bonus is offered on 2 sectors with winnings of no more than x10000.
  • Crazy Time Bonus is on 1 sector and guarantees it x20000.

Crazytime live game offers a high probability of bonus rolls. They occur on average on 6-7 spins. Since there are several bonuses, it will be difficult to win the biggest one in a row.

Crazy Time

Advantages of playing Crazy Time game

Crazy Time Live game is always unpredictable and exciting. Its main advantage is the gameplay in real time. This feature eliminates faking results and allows you to count on regular winnings. The player is not limited in the number of segments on which you can bet. A bet is made on one sector, several or all at once. In this case, the total size of the bet and the possible winnings of the participant changes.

The main advantages of playing crazy time live:

  • Access to one or more bets at the same time;
  • Variability in the size of bets;
  • Availability of bonuses with high payout ratios;
  • Real-time betting;

An anchor who spins the wheel and controls all game actions.

As of today, the crazy time statistic confirms that bonuses play an important role in the game. A total of four of them are offered. The options for each one are high for each participant who plays actively and for a long time.

The first bonus is called Coin Flip and its essence is that in the studio, the host tosses a real coin. Both of its sides are winnable and colored red and blue. Before the toss, a different payout ratio is determined for each side, according to which the final winnings for the participants will be determined.

Cash Hunt bonus according to crazy time statistics is a favourite incentive for players. Its essence is that in front of the player there are 108 multipliers, closed by a special symbol. Multipliers are shuffled among themselves, after which the participant opens the one that seems to him the highest.

Pachinko is a bonus, during which a wall with pegs and a virtual puck appears. The puck should land on a certain peg, thus fixing the winning or doubling the winnings.

Crazy Time

The game craztytime stats displays a special bonus, consonant with the name of the entertainment itself. It opens an extra round for the player, in which they need to guess the blue, yellow or green arrows, which will indicate the winning odds. The arrows can display doubling or tripling the payout.

Winnings in Crazy Time

On number 1х1
On number 2х2
On number 5х5
On number 10х10
Bonus Coin Flipх5000
Bonus Cash Huntх10000
Bonus Pachinkoх10000
Bonus Crazy Timeх20000

Crazy Time: Big Wins

In crazytime, the statistics tell us that winnings happen every time you spin the wheel. Bonuses win a little less frequently, but no matter what the bet, the bonus always guarantees big rewards. On the game’s official website, a list of winners and the amounts they’ve managed to win at Crazy Time Stats is always publicly available. The list of the top 5 in the last week includes players:

  • Jack – x10000,
  • Abraham – x5000,
  • Mikhail – x1000,
  • Olaf – x5000
  • Charley – x5000.

The maximum multiplier of x20000, which is offered for the Crazy Time bonus, is rarely won because the probability is 1 in 53 (according to the total number of sectors in the spinning wheel). Still, crazy time stats confirms a monthly win rate of x20000.

crazy time play

Crazy Time: Conclusion

The Crazy Time game is a modern online slot with lucrative payouts and bonuses. The game keeps crazy time statistics, which allows you to understand the basic requirements for winning and how to win it most often. To win, all you have to do is deposit your account and start betting right now.


Is Crazy time game available on a smartphone?

Yes, you can play Crazy Time from any device.

Maximum winnings Crazy Time?

Bet is multiplied by a multiplier of x20000 in the bonus round.

Is cheating possible in Crazy Time?

No, the game is played in real time and it is impossible to fake the results.

Are there any bets limitations in Crazy Time?

Yes, the game has a defined minimum and maximum that you are allowed to bet.

What is the average Crazy Time RTP?

RTP is a possible payout percentage in the game. In Crazy Time it is officially 95.5%, which is a pretty good indicator.

Play Crazy Time

Play Crazy Time

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Crazy Time official website

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